About Chatfe

What is Chatfe?

You take your passions, questions, and curiosity,
We match you with interested others and you talk,
Then you vote up others, track your progress, and show the world how good you are.

Why should I use Chatfe?

So much communication has moved to text and images. But talking is a great way to communicate. Use Chatfe to talk to others and gain knowledge, hear other opinions and get yourself out of your typical network.

Currently, Chatfe does not post profiles or pictures of users. Through our voice-centric design, we help our users learn and share through meaningful communication. It might be controversial or political, but it will be meaningful.

How does it work?

You show interest by choosing topics. Then, when there's a match, Chatfe contacts you and another user to talk.
To use Chatfe you need a phone with a US or Canada phone number. No downloads.

What's this thumbs up thing?

If you like talking to the other person, you can vote them up after you talk. That's kind of a reward for being a good talker. When you get votes you get bragging rights and rewards.

I chose a topic on (politics / travel / entrepreneurship etc) but the other person wasn't an expert.

Chatfe works best for topical discussions. We can't guarantee an expert, but we can pretty much guarantee that you'll have fun.

How secure am I?

We hide your identity from other users and it remains hidden unless you reveal it yourself. Any other questions, please visit our Privacy Page.

Can I choose to only speak to people of one gender?

Nope. We find that the talks go better when we take gender out of the equation. Don't think you like that? Trust us, it works. Still don't like it? Uh... too bad.

Can I see video of the other person?

Nope. We find that the talks go better when we let people focus on talking, not watching.

How is Chatfe pronounced?

Chatfé is a portmanteau word which combines Chat and Cafe. Now you know how to pronounce it. Complaints on the name? Take a number.

Who We Are

Paul Orlando, Co-founder & CEO, has been active in new communications technology going back to the 1990s. He's presented at technology and startup events and forums and loves learning how people use communications technology in new ways. Paul has degrees from Columbia and Cornell.

Ed Chin, Co-founder & COO, has held positions at Motorola, the FCC, and at Oliff & Berridge, where he gained his technical, regulatory and patent law experience, respectively. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a JD from New York Law School, where he was a research fellow of the Institute for Information Law and Policy.

Steve Wang, Co-founder & CTO, is an engineer and entrepreneur dedicated to using technology to improve people's lives. He has consulted small businesses on using technology to improve efficiency and data security. Steve earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia.

Contact Us

Chatfe is based in New York, NY. You can reach us at feedback@chatfe.com and you can buy us a drink almost anywhere, preferably somewhere convenient to the F Train.

Suggestions please!

Start a conversation and email us at feedback@chatfe.com if you want. Yes, we do read your emails.

Share your experiences on Chatfe with us:

We'd love to hear about them! By all means send us your stories and we'll post some good ones.