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How is the Chatfe Platform Used Today?

Businesses and communities use the Chatfe platform to bring their members closer together through voice conversations.

Sample Use Cases

  • A prominent medical institution created a social support network using Chatfe technology to connect their members for private voice conversations
  • An international learning organization connected students across the globe for voice-based cultural exchanges
  • A music fan site used the Chatfe platform to bring bands and fans together for multiple talk events
  • A major health organization used Chatfe to get people together to talk about similar health issues and to raise funds
  • A company started using an audio advertisement that preceded targeted conversations and got nearly 100% user penetration

What are the Capabilities of the Chatfe Platform?

  • Our mobile telephony solution enables users to talk on common topics
  • Play an optional brief sponsor message before talks happen
  • Protect user privacy by keeping profile details hidden
  • Provide a game-like feedback mechanism for post-talk data collection
  • Match users intelligently by interest and availability

Benefits of Chatfe Integration

  • Increase Time on Site by 5 to 10 times for sites who integrate the Chatfe platform
  • Add dynamic interaction among users on your site and strengthen your community
  • Annihilate your competitors by offering a cutting edge social layer

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